Marketing Training 

Do you wish to train and develop a group of new marketing executives for your company?We can help you from the selection, training and development along with a wide presentation of periodical executive appraisal programs! We have general training programs for the diploma and degree holders, we can design a new syllabus as per the requirement of your company, including the products, services and policies of your company. We can also provide exclusive leadership training programs to your marketing and sales managers.

Web site development

Do you look forward to have a new budget rated web site for your company? We can help you! We can provide a low cost mobile responsive website with most wanted features with in few days! Just provide the basic details of the company/products/services, we can show the sample web site within 3 days. if you look forward advanced features , we can also provide it.Type your paragraph here.

Our Services

Distributor Network Development

Do you look forward to develop an exclusive and dedicated distributor network in Kerala , Karnataka and Tamil Nadu?we can help you to find out distributors in each and very nook and corner of the above said states, we can conduct distributor section campaigns for you, after the selection, we can train and develop them and make them dedicate to your company.Just fix a date for a detailed discussion, we are at your service!

Android Apps for your business

Are you a business man running ashop with an average local customer group of 1000 to 10000 people from your locality? We can provide you the best marketing solution to promote and sustain your customers with live offers on day to day basis! Contact us to know more!

Marketing and Sales

As a consultancy company we are dedicated to exhibit our expertise in various areas.Do you look forward to launch a new product or service in Indian market, you can definitely depend on us, we can help you to position your product or service using the latest marketing techniques developed by us.Do you wish you promote your products/services in your unrepresented areas? We can help you!Lets join hands together to develop a new and strategically predictable product, price, policy exclusively for your company.

Software Sales Consultancy

Do you wish to sell your software and android apps services in Kerala or in south India? We can provide you a big sales canvass which may include distributors or agents or market experts! You only have to do one thing, just harness your software products and services, just provide the features utilities and advantages along with the your desired price structure. the rest we shall develop for you.WE OFFER YOU CONFIRMED SALES WITHIN A SHORT TIME FRAME!

Training in online works

Are you an individual looking forward to to do home based online works and make regular income with out any security deposits?Just attend a 4 days detailed training program with us, we shall share you the latest online income generation programs, after attending the session, you can start to work independently from your home and make regular income year after year! Yes it is true! Just upgrade your online skills, that is all you have to do! After the session, share your daily experience in our online forum, develop step by step! Remember we only provide training program! To know the detailed and serious syllabus , please contact us nowType your paragraph here.

Training to business people

Are you a business man seriously looking forward to develop your business with the help of latest online marketing solutions?Are you a business man who wish to reduce your marketing expenses with out disturbing your business profits? Attend a special one day session or a detailed 5 days session with us. We shall help you to change your future!Go ahead with the digital marketing world!.

Corporate consultancy

You have been working hard to develop your company. It fetch good revenues and improve the number of HR, it gives good financial responses.But you face problems in HR management, Marketing Management, Financial Management , brand building, strategy development, legal aspects and the constitution of the company etc These problems make dry your nights and it affects the performance of your company? Just leave the problems to us, we shall manage it and rectify it for you, we shall make everything workable and easy for you to manage. We shall help you to provide solutions with the latest online software management systems! We are just a call away!