On going independent projects of WEBS .

YOU CAN ALSO: Adventure Tourism and corporate wellness programs!

An opportunity to build unlimited confidence! YCA Provides Adventure tourism and wellness programs for corporate employees, students and individuals above 18 years. Locations are in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. Weekend sessions and special programs are available. A three days program with world renowned masters in yoga, meditation, martial arts, management, trekking and games can change you a lot.  For booking your session please visit www.youcanalso.co.in

All these projects have independent project heads, team of professionals, associated companies and fixed targets. WEBS only act as the fund provider of these projects. These projects can be considered as independent companies with suitable management support. 

SMART EARN: An opportunity to save and earn!

SMART EARN is blog platform with wonderful features, SMART EARN is a service providing platform of a lot of financial products and services, it provides opportunities in getting new loans, repaying taken loans, mutual funds, investments, insurance, banking, online works like all a common man of the present need. We provide online as well as direct training sessions with analytics support in ad management. Join with this program; you will come to how to earn extra income and how to save more! Our marketing website iS www.smartearnfincorp.com, our member service site is opened only for those who join with us.

CORP SUPPORT: An opportunity to promote products and services!

CORP SUPPORT is a marketing tool provided in the online platform of FREE EARN.  Through this our corporate customers can promote their products and services. Our Members can provide ample support through their personal vanity domains provided by the company. Customized and predesigned marketing, sales and research programs can be used for this. We provide predesigned membership packages to our business customers to utilize the maximum optimized services of the platform. This tool is available only for the corporate members.

ISDN: An opportunity to serve the poor and needy school children!

International Social Development Network (ISDN) is a divine opportunity to support the poor and needy children in the world. This is a charity service project of WEBS. We provide food and educational support to a few students through this program. We arrange free educational tours to the poor school and college students. We provide saplings to them and urge to plant more trees in their surroundings and spread the awareness of protection and preservation of nature. You can donate or volunteer with us, we do many activities to support students in their development stages! Please visit www.isdn.org.in and make generous contributions.